Sunday, November 20, 2011

Since September...

I've been buried with work, and with wedding planning.

To catch you up:

1. Work - our business is planning for January 1st (employee benefits), which means Sept - November are crazy season. Or extra-crazy season. It's good, just stressful, and lots of long days. I'm happy to be coming out of it, and getting into the "clean up" phase.

2. Wedding - found "the dress", and it's amazing. It'll be here sometimes in February or March. That seems like forever from now.

3. Also under wedding - I'm obsessing about accessories now. Shoes, veil (or no veil?), headband, jewelry - details, lots of details.

4. We are just under a year to go until the Big Day. No final date yet, that will come next month when airfares come out and we can select our resort.

5. A year to go. If Feb/March seems like forever, next November seems like it will never get here!

6. The pugs are good. Rotten, and good.

7. In September I went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah with 10 fabulous girlfriends. We laughed, we ate, we drank, and we walked a lot of dogs. It was good for my soul.

8. Mr. NYC & I took a trip to FL to visit family in November. We flew to Orlando, spent a day at Epcot with my entire family, and no fights broke out. Miracle #1. Then we drove 415 miles to Key West, and didn't kill each other (that's 7.5 hours in a car - our longest road trip). Miracle #2. We visited his mom (my future MIL) and family, and enjoyed Key West. The water, the sunsets - it was definitely a test-run for our Mexico wedding. Miracle #3.

9. Every day I'm thankful to have Mr. NYC in my life. He's such a solid partner, he watches out for me, and we appreciate each other. I'm a lucky girl!

That about does it for us. I will post a few pics from Sicily and Venice, just to finish off the big Med trip from the spring. And the holidays will be upon us, so it'll be time for the Homemade Christmas hosted by my friend Michele of The Scrap Shoppe.

Three weeks of homemade ideas - decor, gifts and recipes. You won't want to miss it!!

Enjoy your new day!!