Wednesday, May 16, 2012

About May...

May is going by as fast as April did. And since I haven't wanted to hash and rehash all the details of wedding planning with you, I haven't had much to share lately.

So I thought I'd share the reasons why I'm trying not to let my wedding vomit on you, too.

See, it's like this: I've had friends get married, and they prattled on and on about cake flavors, wedding favors, ribbon colors, bridesmaid dresses, invitations - you get the drift. I was over all of the details before she could say "wedding planning".

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And I really, really didn't want to be that bride.  I didn't want to obsess over every little detail, kill myself with DIY, and bore my friends who couldn't care less what the difference is between teal and aqua (sorry Amanda!!).

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My response when friends (and acquaintances) ask me how the wedding planning is going is to say "do you really want to know? or do you just want me to say 'fine'?" Right... they are going just fine.

But the truth is - I am that bride. I'm formally apologizing to each and every one of you that my wedding has vomited all over, and sincerely THANK YOU for feigning interest and not telling me to go away.

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The reality of planning a major party for 40 plus guests in another country is more than I bargained for. Yes, most of it is going well. No, there really isn't a whole lot I can use help with right now (thanks mom!). It's obsessing over the details while the clock ticks ever closer that drives me bananas.


I'm reassured by my married friends that it will all be ok, and that even when something goes wrong most people won't even notice. I'm going to hang my hat on this, ok?

On that note, I hear my semi-DIY invitations calling my name. Excuse me for another week or two...

enjoy your new day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April, I Barely Knew Ya

I blinked and another month flew by without a blog post. I'm sure all 2 of my readers were completely devastated. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.

April was a bit of a blur with work, wedding planning, and tornados. Some of these things are much more fun than me on this. 

On the wedding front, I got a few more things ordered, had a dress fitting (yeah, 6 months out, I'm a planner...), finally confirmed our reception location at the resort, decided on menus, and a few other items that I can't even remember now. Don't worry, it's all saved in my handy-dandy spreadsheet. I kid (and sometimes bitch) about the crazy that is wedding planning, but I'm so looking forward to our wedding day, and our marriage.

On the work front, I worked. I got paid. I'm still employed. Moving on...

Tornados. Holy CRAP y'all. Dallas/Fort Worth had 17 of them one afternoon. Yes, I said 17!!! If you missed that story, just click here for the video. We were lucky - only had 20 minutes of hiding in the stairwell in DT Dallas while they passed. Our home was fine too. That was one scary ass afternoon, and I'd prefer not to repeat it, ever.

In the randomness category, I read a fabulous book that you should all go out and buy:

And you should read her blog too. It'll make you feel 100% normal. Promise.

I also read this book which all the good housewives (and us working slobs too!) are salivating over:

It's hot, it's steamy, it's sexy, it's pornographic. So if you like that stuff, check it out.

My friend Nicole was also gracious enough to allow me to guest post at Big Day for 10k, sharing some truths and myths about planning a destination wedding. Run over there and check it out! Say hi while you're at it.

We ran down to Houston for the weekend to attend the awesome wedding of one of my best friends and his new lovely wife.

And now it's May. We're currently watching the Knicks and the Mavs get the crap kicked out of them in the NBA playoffs, and watching the Texas Rangers kick booty and take names. Go Rangers!!

We are still adjusting to our new schedule of working/commuting together (did I tell you that we now work in the same office?!), so I haven't really been experimenting in the kitchen. I have a really small rotation of meals, and we pick up dinner on the later nights. Boring, right?? I need to find my cooking mojo. And my crafty mojo. If y'all see either of them, will you let me know?

And that about covers it.

Enjoy your new day!!!