Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lotus Blossom Photography meets DFW

Pssssst - check out my favorite photographer (and fabulous friend!) Amber's latest blog post.

That's right. We did a REAL photoshoot. disclaimer: not an engagement shoot (the honey made me say that).

okok, really, it's a couple's shoot, because I wanted great pics of us together, and we're hardly ever in photos together.

Amber is one half of Lotus Blossom Photography, and I've been lucky enough to know her for several years. We met because we both have pugs, and bonded because we both like to craft. And eat really fabulous pie (and other unhealthy but yummy food). 

A couple of months ago I asked Amber about the feasibility of her coming to DFW to do a photoshoot, and visit us for the weekend. I was thrilled when we were able to find a weekend that worked, and make the arrangements. Amber came out this past weekend, and we did the photoshoot.

Amber has the sneak peek pics on her blog, and didn't she ROCK them??

And it was lots of fun. We went to Deep Ellum, an area just east of Downtown Dallas. It's a funky area as you can see from the various pics and backgrounds. I love the differences in the American flag, the graffiti, and then the Texas Butcher Materials shop (isn't that a hoot?).

I thought it might be awkward, or weird to pose for pics on the streets (and ok, there were a couple of moments where we gave Amber the "are you NUTS" look), but it was more fun (and lots easier) than I expected it to be. I laughed - a lot. As you can see, we discovered that I wrinkle my nose when I'm really laughing at something. (Amber thought that was endearing, me - not so much!).

I just love the pics. LOVE. THEM.

The moral of the story? If you love a photographer, it's well worth flying them to you for pictures you'll treasure forever. And the other one? if you want pics, you don't need to be engaged to have an excuse to do them.

Thanks Amber - these are going to be awesome memories for us!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shameful Update

I know. It's been forever. I have this tendency to go silent on the blog when things aren't so great in life. Rather than focus on the crap-factory, I thought I'd check in with an update on my 2011 plans. Remember when I said "I"ve got plans y'all"??

Here's what's done:
1. Back yard - I live on a hill, and my back yard is sliding down into the neighbors. There's soil erosion going on. Thus, we need a retaining wall. And fill dirt. Got the cost for that today, and freakin OUCH. I had no idea dirt was so freakin expensive. Ah well. Better dirt than foundation repairs, right?

DONE!! We planted some grass seed, and it's actually GROWING. Even after the ice-snow-apocolypse

Bello wasn't intimidated by the snow - he's standing on part of the new retaining wall (railroad ties). 

2. Flooring - I had the carpet replaced with laminate in my dining room & living room a while back. Now it's FINALLY time to get rid of the carpet in the three bedrooms.


My office:

The guest bedroom

And our bedroom

As you've probably noticed, the rooms are still incredibly bare. Everything is still slammed into the dining room. I have a master plan to meticulously sort through it and make "keep", "trash" and "donate" piles. I just don't want all that crap back in my rooms!

Yeah. I know what you're thinking. I'm thankful that mom is coming to visit next week, and we can work on this!!

I also have thoughts about painting our bedroom, new furniture (soon!), and bedding. I'd like to paint it a rich grey, with black & white bedding. I also need to get some runners (rugs) for the floor. It's brrrrr in the mornings on bare feet!

Enjoy your new day!