Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oui Mademoiselle!

Our next port was Toulon, France, in the Provence region. Well that's what they told us anyway. Our amazing tour guide for the day told us we were actually ported in La Seyne-sur-mer.

We began our day at an amazing local market in the town of Sansary-sur-mer. Warning - if you haven't eaten yet, I'd advise you to go ahead and grab some breakfast before you continue on. Because these pictures? They will ruin food for you.

The produce vendor.

Yep, my jaw hit the ground too. When I gathered myself together, I continued to take pics, and got these, some of my favorite shots of the entire trip:

And the strawberries? Scrum-did-lee-ishous! Sweetest I've ever had.

They paled in comparison to the cherries though.

There were the raspberries too

Then there was the charcuterie

Sausage anyone?

But perhaps my favorite of all: the spices! !!

By the way, the vendor will ship internationally if you'd like to splurge:

Sansary-su-mer is a small fishing village on the sea. I was completely enchanted by the boats, the color of the buildings, and the nuns. Yes, I said the nuns. We don't often see nuns in full habits in the US.

I loved the cobblestone alleys that wind through the town.

We saw this lovely church (I imagine these ladies had just finished morning mass)

and this carousel which was being cleaned before opening for the day.

But the boats - oh my, the boats! Small sail boats, all of them. The visual was so beautiful

All of these images build to a picture of typical mornings in the fishing village.
Go to mass.
Go to the market.
Check out the fresh fish.
Pick up your daily baguettes.

Seriously? When can I move??

Our next stop was the lovely Domaine de Souviou in the Bandol region of France.

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