Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where in the world...

has Allie been?

Yes, I'm sure you've been wondering where I've been and why I haven't been blogging. You're saying to yourself, "Self, WHEN is she going to get it together and share with us again?"

The wait is over my friends. All two of you will be relieved to know I've busted through the blogging block and am BACK.

Even better? I'm going to let my wedding planning throw up all over you.

You just visualized that, didn't you?

I'm sorry.

Sort of.

If you aren't the sort that gives a rats ass about wedding crap, I'd suggest you mosey on back to your Facebook games - Draw Something is rather popular or so I hear.

Oh, you're still here? Awesome. Here we go.

So I'm getting married. Not sure if you heard that news. The Big Day (as it shall be referred to from now on) is November 5, 2012. Yes, that's Monday, November 5, 2012. What can I say? I'm a non-traditional bride.

Keeping with that non-traditional theme, we're having a destination wedding. We've chosen Riviera Maya, Mexico as the location paradise to host a small group of friends and family who are able to join us and celebrate The Big Day.

If you did the math, you'll realize that The Big Day is just over 7 months away. Yeah, that means it's pretty much go-time for all things wedding-related for an OCD planner-type like me.

I have:
-chair sashes
-various shells and starfish
-my dress, and shoes
-wedding night lingerie (woot!)
-base of our invites and envelopes
-guest book
-monogram postcards
-return address labels
-materials to make my veil
-our photographer is booked - Lotus Blossom Photography (the BEST!!!) 
-our registries are done (Macy's & Crate & Barrel)
-reservations made at the resort for us & our guests
-my sash & hair thingeemabob have been created and are on the way 

We still need: 
-rest of materials for invites, including enclosures
-his attire 
-favors (I have my ideas, but am wanting to keep a few things a surprise!) 
-need to order my bouquet and his boutonniere, decide if we're doing corsages/bouts for the families
-paper lanterns for aisle decoration & reception decorations
-book our airfare (minor detail, right??)
-consider booking a Trash the Dress session in Mexico (don't worry mom, the dress really doesn't get trashed...) 
-parasols for decorations/photos - I would love to have enough of these for all of our guests for shade, but I am not hauling them down to Mexico! 
-finalize our rehearsal dinner menu selections
-finalize our reception menu choices (so we can put them on the RSVP, wedding website, etc)
-figure out what the heck to do about centerpieces
-alterations made to my dress (planned for late summer)

I need to make: 
-my veil
-assemble the invites once I get the pieces
-place cards (once we have the RSVP/menu selections back)
-table #'s
-thank you banner (for our photog, will then make a thank you notecard)
-wedding weekend events timeline
-playlists of music for ceremony (he's in charge of playlist for dinner & receptions)
-menus for rehearsal dinner
-put together the ceremony elements (aka write our vows)

Now I'm a little stressed that the last two lists are longer than the first one. Guess I'd better get to work!!! 

Enjoy your new day! 

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