Tuesday, June 29, 2010

America's Next Top (Pug) Model

Our first contestant is a 5 year old male, a native of Texas.

He enjoys being annoying chasing squirrels, barking at traffic being a guard dog, and chewing on stuffies.

He claims to be a world class licker kisser, and a total love muffin.

He spends his day alternating between snoring beauty rest and patrol duty. Both require no great focus.

His smile and silly personality are popular with the crazy pug people viewers. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bello.

Our next contestant is a 6 year old beauty, a native of Oklahoma. She's paranoid spunky, and keeps order in the house.

She is a down to earth girl, who worries constantly takes life very seriously. She's a bit camera shy, and doesn't have as much of a portfolio as our other contestants.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jessie.

Our final contestant is a retired beauty queen, she's a mature 5 years old, and a moody bitch particular about her photo shoots.

She enjoys reminding everyone that she's now retired, and doesn't have to obey the humans work.

She enjoys shredding paper, digging in the trash, and is focused on environmental preservation, and needs her time away from the peasants alone time.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Audrey, or "Dre" for short (as in Doctor Dre..yes)

Luckily our three contestants are also good friends, as evidenced by these pairs photos:

Audrey and Bello

Jessie and Audrey (hmm which one is the attention whore treat lover??)

So, who will get your vote? Stay tuned for next week's photoshoot and challenge!


  1. I love this, Allie!! They are too cute, but don't tell them I said so. Don't won't heads to swell. ;)

  2. Those are some beautiful puggies!