Friday, June 4, 2010

Cute Finds

I have a slight addiction to jewelry. Not that I wear a ton of it - I don't. I tend to wear the same basic pieces every day...but that doesn't stop me from buying it! Oh no...I'm a pro!

Here's an adorable owl necklace I found for my mom:

At $10.90, it's a great buy! (ok, even if you wear it 3 times before the chain turns green..)

Here's the other necklace I bought for myself:

Yes, another bargain at $10.90!

Windsor is one of those teeny-bopper type stores, that I wouldn't venture into normally. BUT..I saw these necklaces in the window and made an exception. I'm glad I did!

Check out more of their cool jewelry:

What fun jewelry finds have you made lately??

Enjoy your new day!

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