Friday, December 17, 2010

Snubbed by Starbucks

So I got snubbed at Starbucks this morning. The only Sbux between my honey's work and the house doesn't have a drive through. So it's a pain to walk in, but I really wanted my coffee today.

A guy walked up to the counter about the same time I did, and I let him go first. now, in reality, any "man" in Texas will always let the lady go first. it's just how they do things here. that should have been my first sign.

The chick taking the order greets him by name, and knows his order. that should have been my second sign.

She takes my order, and the guy at the register rings me up. I cough up my Starbucks card, knowing I'm 1 coffee away from my very own personalized gold card. he rings it up without saying a word to me, crabby ass. should have been sign #3, right?

Whatever...I just want my coffee so I can get out of there.

The barista hands "Les" his coffee, complete with the little sleeve, and a green stick in the spout to keep it from spilling. I thought to myself "awesome, those sticks are great to keep the car from getting messy".

Then she calls my name, and hands me my cup. No sleeve, no green thingee. Fine, the sleeves are in a basket on the counter. As I'm slipping the sleve on, I ask her for a green thingee.

Bitch looks me in the eye and says "oh we're out, I only had that one".

Uhm, lie. I see them sitting there in the back. Stunned, I looked at her and said in my best snotty-bitchy voice, "wow, only for the regulars, huh?" and walked out.

Guess I will now drive out of my way to a different Starbucks - at least that one has a drive-thru. *sigh*
Enjoy your new day! (with, or without Starbucks!)

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  1. Wow! Whata biatch! Sorry about that sista!
    BIG THANKS for my gift!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!