Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shameful Update

I know. It's been forever. I have this tendency to go silent on the blog when things aren't so great in life. Rather than focus on the crap-factory, I thought I'd check in with an update on my 2011 plans. Remember when I said "I"ve got plans y'all"??

Here's what's done:
1. Back yard - I live on a hill, and my back yard is sliding down into the neighbors. There's soil erosion going on. Thus, we need a retaining wall. And fill dirt. Got the cost for that today, and freakin OUCH. I had no idea dirt was so freakin expensive. Ah well. Better dirt than foundation repairs, right?

DONE!! We planted some grass seed, and it's actually GROWING. Even after the ice-snow-apocolypse

Bello wasn't intimidated by the snow - he's standing on part of the new retaining wall (railroad ties). 

2. Flooring - I had the carpet replaced with laminate in my dining room & living room a while back. Now it's FINALLY time to get rid of the carpet in the three bedrooms.


My office:

The guest bedroom

And our bedroom

As you've probably noticed, the rooms are still incredibly bare. Everything is still slammed into the dining room. I have a master plan to meticulously sort through it and make "keep", "trash" and "donate" piles. I just don't want all that crap back in my rooms!

Yeah. I know what you're thinking. I'm thankful that mom is coming to visit next week, and we can work on this!!

I also have thoughts about painting our bedroom, new furniture (soon!), and bedding. I'd like to paint it a rich grey, with black & white bedding. I also need to get some runners (rugs) for the floor. It's brrrrr in the mornings on bare feet!

Enjoy your new day!

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