Monday, January 10, 2011

I've got plans y'all!

It's a mere 11 days into the new year, and boy do I have plans.

This is really more of an inventory for myself, but I figured y'all might get half a kick out of how crazy delirious dumb ambitious I am.

House stuff: I've lived in this house for nearly 6 years, and it's time to put a little more TLC into it.
1. Back yard - I live on a hill, and my back yard is sliding down into the neighbors. There's soil erosion going on. Thus, we need a retaining wall. And fill dirt. Got the cost for that today, and freakin OUCH. I had no idea dirt was so freakin expensive. Ah well. Better dirt than foundation repairs, right?

2. Flooring - I had the carpet replaced with laminate in my dining room & living room a while back. Now it's FINALLY time to get rid of the carpet in the three bedrooms. That's the good news. The downside of course is that I have to have everything packed up except for the furniture in order for them to do the install. The Master bedroom & closet are pretty much done. My office is 90% done. That leaves the guest bedroom. All of these goodies are being boxed up into the dining room, which means that particular room is a disaster area. So I'll have lots of work to do AFTER the install too. Gah!

3. New Bedroom furniture - I bought an iron canopy bed a few years ago, but the rest of my furniture in our master bedroom is - get this - from my great-grandmother. And no, it isn't anything special, not antique. It's just plain old and falling apart. I got it when I went away to college. That's right. in 1992. And it's probably 15 years older than that. So I am coveting new bedroom furniture. Clearly it's further down the priority list than the above two major items.

4. If I survive the above tasks, I want to get our garage cleaned out and reorganized. Yeah, I agree. Someday.

Travel/Company/Family - 2011 is shaping up to be a busy travel year, and plenty of house guests coming into town.
1. My friend Amber is hoping to come into town in February. If not Feb, then May. I can't wait to spend some time with her!
2. My parents are coming out for a visit in late February. They are staying at a hotel, which will probably save our sanity.
3. My brother is coming out for a visit in April, to go to the NASCAR race with us. Zooooooom!
4. I'm going on a major trip with my mother in May. YIPPEEE!
5. My honey & I are going to NYC in June - I love, LOVE going to NYC with him.
6. I'm hoping to get back to Best Friends in September. This one is pretty tentative, but I really want to make it happen!  
7. I'm hoping my Canuck friend Erin will come for a visit this fall. And bring some All Dressed Ruffles Potato Chips. Those darn Canucks have all the good flavors!!! (seriously, these chips are so freaking good)

My honey & I also have tickets to 4 big Rangers games (BoSox, Skankees, Astros and Rays) over the season.

And I need to craft. I mean, really, really need to be a busy crafter this year. 

Whew. I mean - WHEW!

No, I didn't win the lottery. I'm still hopeful though.

What are your plans for 2011?

It's a new year!


  1. WHEW! Is an understatement! Reno's are hard! But travel and visitors, well you are much younger than I! I love your ambition! Sounds great!

    My plans are getting my Dad back to some sort of type of normal! My Mom's Alzheimer is getting worse by the day. So basically I am taking it 1 day at a time. But I do have 2 FB friends coming this year, 1 in Feb from California, and 1 in May from New Zealand!

  2. Good plans! It's true that the all-dressed ruffles are pretty good. My favourite.