Sunday, September 4, 2011


After Pisa, we drove through the Tuscan countryside to Florence (Fiorenza). Along the way I found my dream estate:

Our first stop was Michaelangelo's Square, high above the city to take in the view.

And oh, what a view

There's a bronze replica of David in the square too

My, what big hands you have!

We also saw the old city walls of Florence

Another view of the city. The estate on the top of the hill, in the center of the picture is the original fortress built to protect Florence in Roman times

Our next stop was lunch - when in Italy, you MUST eat. This is the cafe where we had a delightful lunch:

I splurged - had gorgonzola gnocci

Mom had tortellini with bolognese sauce - also DELISH

Then we were set free to roam the streets of Florence and enjoy what she has to offer.

Loggia dei lanzi - open air sculpture gallery

Then to Santa Maria and the Duomo

And then the world stopped. I saw these:

And these:

I. DIED. I drooled. I coveted. I left them behind.

I got over it, and we ventured onward to Ponte Vecchio, the home of many jewelry shops.

That's mom again (in case you've forgotten her!).

We continued our walking tour of Florence, and wandered into a lovely square. I'm not sure who the dapper gent with the aqua sweater is, but he posted nicely for my photo!

Italy = gelato (and vino, but for the moment, focus on the gelato)

Oh, Florence. You are beautiful. And you make great shoes!

Enjoy your new day!

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