Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Well, another month came and went without a blog post. I could recycle all the excuses I've made before - but I'm sure you can recite them by heart.

Needless to say, I've been a bit busy lately. New job. Engaged. Wedding planning insanity. Just a few major life changes.

Everything is going well. The job is great, getting used to the commute, the work, the great people in the office, etc. Passed my insurance licensing exam - actually I passed it for the 2nd time. I am not allowed to let that damn thing lapse ever, ever again. Hold me to that, ok??

Being engaged is wonderful. Looking ahead to our marriage - the years stretching out before us to enjoy together. That's magical to me.

Wedding planning? Meh...that's insanity. An obsession really. My heart is still set on a destination wedding, and it's much too early to begin booking (or even pricing) real packages for the time frame we're thinking about. I spend my time looking at ideas for decorations, favors, dresses, invitations, jewelry, cakes, flowers, and every other detail we'll decide on in the next year. My ideas are coming together, and I'm actually getting a good vision of what our big day will be like.

I'm reading gobs of wedding blogs, websites and such, and have survived my first (and probably only) bridal show.

The pugs are great, Mr. NYC (aka the fiancee) is great, and life in general is - you got it - great. That's really thrilling to be able to say that!

Now that I've updated you on the excitement around here, I'll make a concentrated effort to return to blogging about my amazing trip to Italy. We still have Florence, Rome, Sicily and Venice to visit!!

Enjoy your new day!

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