Sunday, September 2, 2012


Holy moly, it's September. Summer is over, the days are getting shorter, and it's still hot outside (gee, thanks global warming).

It's also 2 months until our Big Day. HOLY CRAP!

Most of the big things are done, but there are a number of small things left. Thank goodness my mom &  best friend will be visiting at the end of September. Yup, I'll be putting them to work!!

cupcake toppers, seating cards, welcome letter - the list goes on. And I can't wait to be in Mexico, on the beach. and married to Mr. NYC. I'm focused on that part of it, and not "the list".

Work has been really busy, so most of our meals are pretty quick and easy. Not a lot of experimenting or fancy cooking. Mr NYC has been super helpful and grills a couple of meals every week (YUM! GRILLED FOOD!).

The pugs are good, just as lazy and rotten as ever.

I did confess this week that I have a keurig on my desk at work. I'm a coffee snob - the stuff they have at work is AWFUL. And then there's the occasional day when the Keurig just isn't enough:

BTW - did you know that college football is here? Hell YEAH! FSU rolled over Murray State yesterday - 69-3. Yeah, I know. I feel sorry for Murray State too, just a little bit. I will be sporting my FSU TOMS this fall:

Check out Campus Classics by TOMS and get your own.

What's on your plates for September?

Enjoy your new day!!

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