Sunday, October 7, 2012

Culinary Genius

Guess what time it is boys & girls!

Yes, time for the monthly post. Today I'm sharing with you the amazing experience we had at Fearing's 5th Anniversary dinner.

Fearing's Restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton, Dallas. That should give you a clue as to the caliber of food they put out. Fine dining at its best!!

This amazing arrangement greeted us on our arrival at the Ritz:

We started with a champagne reception on their patio lounge, and oh did the bubbly flow!

Dean Fearing's special guest chef for the dinner is none other than the incomparable Hubert Keller. Foodies everywhere will recognize both as being James Beard award winning chefs. They greeted us as part of the reception, and were gracious enough to allow this photo op:

I was hoping just a smidgeon of their culinary genius would rub off on me. I'll keep you posted on the outcome...

After the reception, we were seated in Dean's Kitchen area, where we were able to observe all of the plating and preparation. It was awesome!!! Artistry in action.

Here's my handsome husband to be in our cozy booth for 2:

(see the pastry chefs behind him?)

Here is our menu for the evening:

Our first course: Green Apple Gazpacho with Maine Lobster Tartar and Sturgeon Caviar

Second course: Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Bacon (BACON!), Napa Cabbage with Julienned Truffles, accented with Mushroom Broth Consumme

Main course: Braised Kobe Beef Cheeks and Parsley Puree, Pickled Onions, Red Wine Sauce infused with Lemongrass and Ginger

And last, but certainly not least, dessert: Silky Cowboy Hat, Chocolate Chipotle Mousse Cake, Chocolate Creme, and Jack Daniels Chocolate Milkshake (I died!)

This was one of those meals of a lifetime. Everything was SO GOOD. Complex flavors, and beautifully constructed plates. Thank you to Fearing's for hosting this amazing experience!!!

Enjoy your new day!

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