Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craft Space Before & After

My craft space is - was - in one corner of my living room. All was well. I could craft and watch TV. Craft and talk to the BF. Craft and keep the pugs company.

I had some great cubes from Ikea that provided awesome storage,  a cute little craft desk (little being the key word!), smaller cubes that housed my stamps, paper containers, and little containers to hold all the miscellaneous stuff.

But eventually, this happened:

My collection quickly outgrew the allotted space and organizational tools.

Even worse, the view from my couch looked like this:

(Please excuse the awful loveseat. It belongs to the pugs. There's no saving it. The best I can do is the red slipcover.)

The clutter was making me absolutely TWITCH. Something had to change. Had.To.Change.

After the floors were put in the bedrooms, (laminate instead of carpet - YAY), my office looked like this:

The closet was empty too.

A total clean slate.

One of my friends suggested I combine my craft space with my home office. WHOA! What a crazy idea!!!

It took a lot of work. Sorting, tossing, donating. But I did it. 

And so, today, my office/craft room looks like this:

I moved a second Ikea cube into the closet, and am using every inch of space! The double doors on the closet allow me to hide it away while I'm working, and open it up when I'm crafting.

My tools, loose stamps, and card-creating materials are on the left side of the credenza

And my stamp tower is on the right (next to the pug's daytime bed)

My buttons, flower jar and ribbon jar have new homes in the cube

And my kits and paper packs

But best of all, the view from my couch now looks like this:

And the view into the corner

No more twitching!!! Sweeeeeet serenity.

(side note - the little cedar box on the table? those are my Angel's ashes. I brush the box with my fingers when I walk by, to let her know I will never forget her).

So what do you think? What would you have done differently? Any questions?

Enjoy your new day!


  1. Great job, Allie!! All of my crafting items are packed away in boxes and bins and there they will stay until we move into our permanent home in 6 months. I can only aspire to your level of organization. ~Kim :)

  2. It looks amazing! And kudos for reclaiming your living room corner. My biggest problem would be the temptation to play with my crafty stuff while I was supposed to be working O.o

  3. AMAZING!!! I can only imagine the load off of your shoulders!!! I am in the process of some spring cleaning/organizing here also. You must feel great!

    P.S. I love that you touch Angel every time you walk by :) I cried the ugly cry for you and Angel :( but I am so glad that Angel had you! <3

  4. Luvin it! I am mad at the before...that was bad! LOL!