Friday, July 1, 2011

Bonjour! Cassis, France

If you missed the first two posts of France, you can find them here:

Oui Mademoiselle
Wine & Olives in the Bandol Region

After the wine and olives, we set off for the resort town of Cassis on the Mediterranean Sea. That's Cassis there in the distance - in the center of this photo.

Absolutely breathtaking, right??

And here's Cassis' waterfront

All those awnings are restaurants.

This old fortress sits on the hill about Cassis. It's now a resort for the rich and famous owned by the Michelin family. Yes. the tire people.

And a closer zoom:

My mother declared that she needed to dip her toes into the Med, and I had to take a picture.
So she did.
And I did. (I'm a good daughter like that!)

I was content to simply stand on the beach.

And no, my mother & I never "planned" any of the color coordination.

Here's another view of the waterfront:

We had our lunch at the cafe with the blue awning in the center. I declared that our lunch was 'magnificent', and our waiter replied "why, that's my middle name!". Ah, French boys. so full of themselves.

Cassis is also a fishing area, as you can tell from the fishing boats in the marina. I loved how colorful they are! And how calm the water was in the marina.

Then we spied this place.

And really, who can resist having crepes while in France?? We certainly couldn't!!!

Mom had a Nutella crepe, and I stuck with chocolate. (hers was better, but they were both incredible!)

After our sugar fix, we wandered around Cassis to take in the ambience.

The bright red name of the hotel against the blue sky and the wrought iron balconies caught my eye

More iron work

We had to be dragged away from Cassis, as we had one more stop to make before returning to the ship. Our guide took us up to the top of the cliffs, to look back on Cassis.

Way, way up.

And because the French are either very trusting, or very uncaring, there are no railings, etc. Which makes for beautiful pictures (and even MORE beautiful when you add in my mother)

Let me give you a better idea of where she's standing. I walked up another trail and looked back at our group: 

Watch that first's a LONG way down! 

Another amazing view: 

Then it was time to head back to Sansary su Mer. We reboarded the ship, and headed to our balcony to relax. (and take more pics, go figure!)

This is looking across at Toulon, home of the French Navy. 

Stop it. 

Stop laughing.

There IS a French Navy. 

Sadly, many of the ships looked more like this:

Oh, I crack myself up!!! 

they actually looked more like this: 

Still not very threatening when compared to our aircraft carriers and battleships, right?? 

As we sailed away, we were blessed with a lovely full moon, and a beautiful sunset:

And that my friends was our day in France. Up next: Florence & Pisa, Italy! 

Enjoy your new day!! 

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