Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

This may come as a complete shock to you.

Brace yourself.

I'm addicted to shoes.

There! I've said it!

Whew, what a relief to have it out in the open.

It was such a burden.

Well not really. They just take up a ton of space in my closet.
And in the floor of my bedroom.

Hey now, I said I had a problem, right?

Anyway...because shoes make me happy, today's post is dedicated to the shoes I am currently coveting.

Who can resist? Red. patent. leather. *dreamy sigh*

*completely irrational sigh*
Why irrational?
a) I don't can't wear heels. For more than 10 minutes anyway.
b) the strap would slice off my plump cankles and make my legs look even more stubby than they are.
c) plum? is a plum shoe really rational?
(it's ok, I don't mind coveting from afar)

Contestant #3: Naot Footwear Trendy

And this is the part where I reveal yet another confession.
I have an obsession with Mary Jane shoes.
SHOES people!
(not the mary-wanna thing)

If I were to count the Mary Jane shoes in my closet I'm sure it'd be a substantial portion of my collection.
I won't count them though.
I don't really want to know.

I'm not sure how and why the Mary Jane shoe obsession began.
I just know that when I see a Mary Jane style, my head snaps around and my hands reach out to carress it.

Now, I don't have a picture of the pair I really, really want. I've coveted these boots for like, 6 years now.
Here's a fab pic of ML Leddy's shop courtesty of Hamilton Shirt Company's site:

Imagine the colors, the stitching, the cut outs. And the leather.

Breathe it in...

Only, it's another irrational thing.
I don't wear cowboy (cowgirl!) boots anymore.
Shacking up with a city boy who hates country music and is allergic to all livestock really cuts out the opportunities to put on my best boots and pocket-less jeans to go boot scootin' or rodeo-in'.

Okok. onto our next contestant!

#5. Now these babies will take your breath away.

Are you sure?


I kid! I kid!

(my crocs are red.)

(and Mary Janes.)

he he he
ho ho ho

I'm still laughing.

Prankster that I am.

The real contestant #5: Bass Oxfords

I just *love* the classic black and white oxford. These would be fun to wear with my dress slacks.

So why am I shoe shopping?
I'm looking for comfortable walking shoes for my trip to Europe next year.

Yes, I'm planning ahead.
And no - none of these are really good candidates for that purpose.
Well, maybe the 1st one but I'd really like a closed toe shoe to protect my tootsies.

And the 2nd one isn't too bad, though I'd probably opt for a flat vs. a pump. 

You see, I can't wear the same shoes 2 days in a row, or my feet will ache.

I need shoes with some serious comfort factor to them, and support.

And I don't want to wear sneakers that scream "AMERICAN TOURIST RIGHT HERE".

I figure the fact that I'm full figured, and say "y'all" frequently will give that away immediately.

No need to have my shoes do the talking, right?

Looks like I need to do some more shoe shopping.
Anyone want to go?
Mom? Kasie?

Enjoy your new day!


  1. There *is* something about those plum heels. HOT! I'm more of a purse collector myself. Though I've really held myself back the last few years and cut back on my inventory. But I had a major relapse yesterday and bought 2! Yikes!

  2. I bought a couple of pairs of Keen shoes for vacation. Very comfy. No rubbing, no blisters, no achy feet...and I did TONS of walking. I got the sporty kind you can get wet. They were perfect for river fishing and hiking. I searched Keen at Zappos, and they have a bazillion different styles...including..........MARY JANES! And they're way cute!

  3. Have you looked at Merrell? I wear those for photographing weddings -

    And I confess to owning those purple ones, but in black and minus the ankle strap. I hate ankle straps!!