Sunday, September 12, 2010


Please forgive this picture-less post. I promise to be back tomorrow with a new recipe and food pics.

Have you ever had a moment when it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders?
The clouds part, and the angels sing hallelujah?
When you want to jump up and down and tell everyone the good news?
Twitter the good news?
Update your Facebook status a gabillion times?

oh, you do. I see.

uh huh.

well now it's my turn, ok?
bear with me.



Now picture me spinning in circles or jumping up and down.

well maybe not - that's a scary visual. But I think you get the drift, no?

so what happened you ask?

poof. gone. adios. sionara. ariv-aderchi. however you spell those foreign words - it all means GOOD BYE.
and good riddance quite frankly.

I could be really ugly and go into all of the reasons why this departure is so positive. But I won't. It's the internet after all.

My team happened to be together when we all learned the good news. Almost all of us telecommute, and we're scattered across the US - which makes the fact that we were all together a quirk of fate. And boy, did we celebrate. There wasn't a disappointed person among us.

Where our previous days were filled with coping strategies and survival mechanisms, last week was celebration, camaraderie, smiles and laughter. It was so refreshing!

So join me in celebrating the first Monday in MONTHS that I don't dread getting up for work.
Join me in celebrating this new day!!

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