Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Voice

Ok. I have to fess up to something. Here's the original post that I was going to publish tomorrow:

It was titled "No Reason at All"

For reasons noone can figure, Jessie decided she'd like to be today's pug-model.

Playing shy...



Ok you got me. Jessie is *always* worried. And she's *always* sweet.

Except when the garbage man comes around. Then she's downright territorial!

And Bello decided he wanted his pik-tor made too, but he couldn't sit still for long:

"Did someone say treat?"

And this week I was delighted to find my favorite stargazer lilies on sale at the grocery store. I couldn't resist! They are blooming beautifully.

A different angle

And a slightly different color edit

Imagine that. Flowers, for no reason at all!

Enjoy your day!


After I scheduled it to post and moved on with the rest of my evening, my brain kept coming back to the post. I'm just not happy with it. I mean - it sounded semi-amusing in my head. But when I got it out into blog-o-sphere, it just sounds, well, let's be honest - dumb.

To paraphrase:
Blah blah

Cut pug picture

Blah blah

Nature picture

blah blah

food picture

blah blah blah...

Well gee, no wonder y'all are bored stiff. I don't have a voice.

Wait. WAIT!

I'm not getting all Eat-Pray-Love-ish on you. Well, I kinda am. But it's about me. So it's not about you. Ok? This time, it's not about you.

Shit, it's my blog. It's always about me. Ok. I'm coming to terms with that fact.

Moving on. I don't have a voice. Or rather, I'm not using my voice on my blog.

The giver of this "aha moment" is fellow blogger Roo.

Have you met Roo? If you haven't, you need to run right on over to and introduce yourself. She's HY-STER-i-cal. And her stick figure drawing are guaranteed to make you ROFLTYPIYP (uhm, not sure you really want that reference, just trust me, ok?).

Good morning...I digress. 

Anyway, she posted these really great Best Blogging Tips not long ago, and while I'm not up to the point of SEO and increasing my readership, the idea of a voice has just stuck with me. (gotta start somewhere, right?)

But what the heck does that MEAN? What's my voice? I mean, if I'm typing this blog, it's my voice, right??

WRONG! (imagine a big ole buzzer sound here)

So I thought about it. And I'm still thinking about it. POTP (part of the problem) is that I have this fear that y'all with think "gee, she's being dumb again", and so I don't post something, or over-edit myself.

And that's when the lightbulb went off.

If I was Roo, I'd draw a picture of a lightbulb over a stick figure drawing of me. But really, I'm not Roo, and I sure can't draw - not even stick figures.

But I can out-sarcasm the best of the best. Seriously.

No really, I mean it.

I am sarcastic. Positively sarcastic (let's go back to the whole concept of "it's a new day", huh??). I'm sarcastic. It's how I get through my days, delivering little packets of sarcasm in almost every situation. Usually appropriate, usually interpreted correctly as sarcasm.

And I'm human. I can share my f.. my fee.. my feelings. Or try. It might be awkward. Y'all might laugh at me, while telling me you're laughing with me. 

But I know the difference.

Yes indeed-eo.

So I vow to bring more sarcasm, more feelings, with the goal of shoving my voice into my blog with each post.

Damn. Y'all are in for it now. For no reason at all...

Enjoy your new day!!

(PS - if you haven't seen or read Eat, Pray, Love, grab the book or hit the theater. you may not love it - I didn't - but it may just teach you something about yourself and that's worth the price!).

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  1. Allie, this is my all-time new favorite post. Not just because you talk about me. Okay, maybe a little.

    I cracked up at this part... "And I'm human. I can share my f.. my fee.. my feelings." Hahaha. It's HARD.

    I've only told a handful of my "in real life" friends/family about my blog... because I want to be able to have a place where I can just.. spew crap or whatever... and not be criticized.

    And even if you lose a reader or two, you will LOVE your blog. A lot!

    Great job!

    (My tip of the day? Get on Twitter. Already on Twitter? Shoot me your ID. We can tweet each other. And it's fun and not as lame as I just made it all sound.)