Friday, September 24, 2010

Sights/Sites of The Sunshine State

I saw some really amazing sights (sites?!) on my recent trip to Florida. And of course I can't resist sharing them with you!

Every morning, my dad forced me out of bed before 8am.

I know, it doesn't sound so bad, right?

Let me clarify something for you: I'm referring to 8am EASTERN.  If you remember, I live in Texas.

Texas is in the CENTRAL time zone.

That means 8am ET = 7am CT.

So you see, my father forced me out of bed before 7am every morning of my vacation.

I agree! Cruel and unusual punishment!

By the way - I foolishly consulted Uncle Google for an appropriate/inappropriately funny picture of punishment. The results were NSFW (not safe for work for the neophytes). ugh. You can't unsee some things!

I digress. (Good morning! ...........I digress!)

Oops, did it again.

Anyway - early morning reveille reverberating down the hall courtesy of dear old dad.

The only reason I crawled out of bed was the lure of coffee, and the opportunity to drink it down by the lake.

It's worth it.

Oh, don't believe me? Ok - see for yourself!!

Stunning, right?

Go ahead, scroll back up and take another look. I'll wait.

Would you get out of bed for coffee at the lake? It was such a treat to wake up with the inhabitants of the park. We didn't see any gators, but we could see where they'd been. My parents said there are some biggun's that hang out in the waters around the park, and one even makes her nest and hatches her babies in the campground. The hidden joys of Florida!

My parents have some new neighbors. Or rather, the neighborhood has some new inhabitants.

There are 12 of these lovely Florida Sandhill Cranes that wander around eating bugs in the yards. They aren't really spooked by humans, which enabled me to get a few good shots of them. They travel in breeding pairs, and in this case, all of them had a 3rd/juvenile with them. So they were all hanging out in groups of 3's, though all 12 usually weren't too far from each other.

I also saw some other amazing sights. Namely, these two Luke Skywalker wannabes

Yep, the nephews. Funny enough, the little dude making the funny face is named Luke. I often tell my BIL that he should use a Darth Vadar voice and repeat frequently "Luke. I am your Fahhhddduh". My BIL doesn't crack up laughing at the suggestion. I just don't understand it.

Luke is in that phase where he can't won't smile for the camera. I have a funny series of faces from him that I'll have to share on another blog.

Matthew is his other brother, and is a pro at posing for the camera. And look at that buff chest! He's going to be a lady killer that one.

The boys are a hoot, and boy do they wear me out in a hurry. I had to turn my attention to another amazing sight. My sister calls her Peaches, and boy is she sweet! (ok Peaches isn't really her name, but it's cute!)

I heard all of you do the "awwwwww" thing and sigh.

Fess up - how many uteruses (uteri?!) did the twinge thing? 

Here's another pic of our little Peaches

Coo. Baby talk. Sigh.
Do what you have to. She's all love! (her name is Reagan if you were curious)

Enjoy your new day!!!

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  1. LOVE!!! All of it! Baby Girl is SWEET and PRECIOUS... the boys are awesome (and I vote for the Vader Voice)... the lake is GORGEOUS! What a fabulous vacation!