Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shoe Search, v3.0


I found them. And whoa nelly am I in LOVE. I want more. (and Moore - but that's different).

I won't keep you in suspense any longer.


These are Alegria Paloma Black Patent

I want them in this Sangria color

There are tons of fun colors too: check them out on their website.

So here's the review:
Good support
roomy shoe - good with thick socks
no heel rub
no break-in time
nice arch support
cushy insole

Dillards is now carry a few select styles/colors of the Alegria shoes, and so is Nordstrom's.

The Paloma style runs around $109, the clogs are slightly less. They also have cute sandals (can't wait for next summer!). Not cheap, but sooooo comfy.

Whew. Now the question is, will this particular pair last until next May? I kinda doubt it - I want to wear it all over town, and NOW. Ah well, that means I must buy another pair. And Christmas is coming up too.

It's raining in Texas this morning - a cold front is moving through. Tomorrow's high is 78, and a low of 58! YAY Fall! it's about time!!!!!

Enjoy your new day people!

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  1. Cute! More writing about SHOES please :)
    I just went nuts at DSW (do you have those in Texas?) and got two new pairs of boots for my birthday.
    Now if it would just get cool enough in AZ to wear them! They look kinda silly with shorts LOL