Thursday, April 21, 2011


I feel like blogging. Hope you feel like reading!

And no, I don't really have a topic in mind. I think that's why I'm not out there ballin like Roo at NiceGirlNotes or trying to make a living off my blog with my etsy shop or e-tail store. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wanting to do that. I'm just saying that's not my purpose for being here. Noone would buy my crap anyway!

I'm just here sharing things that happen in my life, products I like (but of course am not receiving any compensation for endorsing - seriously? who would pay me?!), pictures I take, and thoughts I have.

Tonight's one of those "thoughts I have" sort of nights. Ready? OK!

1. Pugs are hilarious critters. Mine crack me up on a daily basis. Each of them have their own personality and quirks. Jessie is my worry wart (and the new alpha in our pack). Bello is the clown/squirrel chaser (notice I didn't say catcher!). Audrey is a diva. I love them to bits.

2. I really don't care about the NBA playoffs. Even though the local team from Dallas is playing. ZZzzzzzz!

3. My BF on the other hand, cares very much about the playoffs. His team (from NY) is also playing.

4. Neither team has a chance at winning the whole thing. But we're watching the playoffs anyway.

5. I leave for Barcelona 3 weeks from tomorrow. Ole!

6. I'm ready for whatever comes next. Oh yeah, I'm ready. I want - no, I NEED - to make plans. Fall travel plans mostly. To NYC, to FL, and to Best Friends/Utah.

7. I realize my posts are boring without pictures.

8. I promise to overwhelm you with pictures when I return from Europe.

That is all. Amen.

Enjoy your new day!

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