Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bedroom - Finish!

Our love nest is nearly completed.

I don't have a before pic - the carpet was just too hideous and disgusting to bother documenting it. Here is the before furniture, with the new floors:

Queen iron canopy bed (which I still love, but it was small for 2 of us), the Ikea cube shelf, old TV/stand in the left corner, and I refused to take a pic of the old dressers that were in there. Suffice it to say they were old, but not antique-cool old. And not nearly enough storage.

Then came the floors, and new furniture:

King size storage bed (look at those three drawers at the end!!), matching night stands, dresser and chest. And new rugs on either side of the bed too (a bargain at $50 each!!!).

Then the touches - new coverlet and lamps (courtesy of Target!).

We just need a couple of king pillows now, and that's it. I originally wanted to repaint the walls from their current Russian Blue to a gray. But now with the bedding in there, and the lamps, I actually like the blue much better. So it's going to stay blue.

Oh, what? You want a closer look at the lamps. Sure! They are one of my favorite things in the room (aside from the uber-huge bed of course).

Oh, you said you can't find that delicious trimmed lamp shade at Target? Me either. I bought plain white shades, and then added Maya Road's zipper trim with a bit of FabriTac. It was just.that.easy.

Here's a closer pic of the shade:

I love that the zipper adds a bit of silver to it.

Enjoy your new day!!


  1. Looks beautiful and that bed is AWESOME! So much storage...I'm lemming the whole set up.

  2. Allie it came out so beautiful! Great idea on the lamp shades. Love the zipper!

  3. LOVE the furniture!! And OMG! The rugs! LOVE LOVE LOVE!