Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Cooking with Love

Yup - another crafty project!
And this one fits in perfectly with my other hobby - cooking. 

It's a recipe book/stand/holder (Idunno exactly what to call it!)

This is done with October Afternoon's Thrift Shop, Cherry Hill and Farm Fresh lines. The book itself, chipboard shapes and letters are all Maya Road.
The colors are cherry, aqua, yellow, and white which I totally dig!

Here's the in-process project, quite messy, eh?
(are you Canadian, eh?)
(PS: Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians, eh!)

(good morning....I digress!)

aaaaannnnd the finished project! (lots and lots of pages!)

isn't the little dress form with the apron adorable?! 
And the bowl of flowers? 

And we start off with Breakfast Recipes. All good days start with a healthy breakfast! 

And appetizers (one of my favorite sections!)

Somehow I think this section will stay pretty empty... 

Another section I need to focus on - Veggies! 

And this would be anything that doesn't fall under beef, poultry or pork (as you'll see momentarily)
Hmm. somehow I missed a pic of the Poultry page. Sorry! 
You can see the tab in the pic above though.
Can't forget the chicken. It's a stable staple (how embarrassing!) in this household! 

I think I need to find a picture of a cow for this section: 

And then... and then. there's this section: 

Mm mm love me some pig!

Next up is the fresh catch of the day: 

And the last two tabs are my fave: desserts and drinks! 

Do you like??? 
So here's where I need your help - I need to fill this with recipes!! 
Who's got some new recipes to share? 

ah well, enjoy your new day!


  1. Super cute! Have you heard of foodgawker.com? Its my daily obsession. I think its updated twice a day and is full of fab recipes from food bloggers.

  2. That turned out so cute! Maybe I should break out my sizzix and quickutz dies and do something creative with them.