Monday, October 11, 2010

My Life is Rough, by Dre

I have a tough job. I have to make sure mommy stays on task and gets her rescue work done. 

It takes really close supervision.
Like stuck up under the arm close. 

"Poor me"

My job makes me really tired. 

But still, I'm dedicated. I keep an evil eye on mom to keep her in line. 

"work faster mom - help get those homeless pugs forever homes!"

"I see you. Stop goofing off!"

"I"m not sleeping on the job! I just blinked!"

"I said focus! Don't make me angry!"
"That's it. I give up. You're hopeless"

That's my girl. Rotten to the core...and yet she's glued to my side. 
Enjoy your new day!

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