Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am Simply Spoiled

It's not what you think. 
So stop thinking mean thoughts. 
Yes, YOU!

I am not spoiled. 

That's not to say I don't like being spoiled on occasion (by someone special). 

But as a personality trait, I'm not spoiled.

I digress. (good morning..I digress!)

(I'll stop saying that, eventually.)

(I will!)

Anyway..."I am Simply Spoiled" is the name of one of the projects I recently completed at Maya Road's Artistic Journey. If you aren't familiar with Maya Road, and you like crafty stuff, check them out!! 

I will preface this with saying it isn't my favorite project, mostly b/c of the paper used. It's way too cutesy for me. There were things I loved about it though - the yellow ruffle ribbon, the craft paper envelopes, the milkcap stamp, and the craft-chipboard mini-album itself. 

I also really liked the idea of sealing in the glitter (on the crowns and buttons) with glossy accents. That keeps the glitter from going everywhere each time you touch the book. I'll remember that technique!

That said, I really think it turned out pretty cute! Here's the cover:

Inside 1st page:

Facing 2nd & 3rd pages: 

Pages 4 & 5: 

Pages 6 & 7

And the last page: 

So whaddya think? Are you spoiled?

Enjoy your new day!


  1. OOh I'm all for cute and now have to go out and find that paper!!! Gorgeous album Allie!!!

  2. Love the album but agree with you the paper is to cutsie for me as well.