Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When you can't say nothing at all..

..just ramble. That's my motto. Yes sirree!

So today's post is just a few random bits.

I had a busy weekend crafting and creating at The Artistic Journey. This event was delivered by Maya Road, and The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, TX. We worked on some really great projects (and a couple of so-so projects too lol). I've posted a few on my FB, and will add a blog post when I finish a couple more of them.

My pug Audrey has a thing for ice. She thinks the ice dispenser on the fridge is her own personal treat dispenser. She comes running to the kitchen whenever she hears ice hitting a glass. Then she takes the ice cube I usually give her and runs to her crate to eat it in peace.

My pug Jessie is a sun goddess. On nice days like the ones we've been having, she'll go outside and stake out a sunny spot in the yard, and just sit there. She doesn't want to come inside either.


We're going through another round of change at work. It's exhausting. I'm trying really hard to focus on my "it's a new day" positive spin, and focus on the things I can control - namely my reaction and emotions related to the change around me. Yes, it's very stressful. No, I'm not thrilled about the changes. But change is inevitable, and I'm doing my best to manage it gracefully. So far so good.

I'm reaching a point where I'm realizing I'm not one of the lucky ones to have a job/career that is always going to be fullfilling and completely satisfying. I'm in corporate America for goodness sakes, and thanks to the economy, that means all companies are forcing their people to do more work, with less resources (time, money, staff, etc.).

I'm coming to terms with these facts. And it's ok. It's a job. I'm lucky in that I can do pretty darn well at this job. It doesn't mean I have to pour every ounce of emotion and energy into it, it just means I have to do my best with the situation I'm given at any time. 

I've sought satisfaction and fullfillment outside of the job - which is why I'm once again involved with pug rescue.


Speaking of pug rescue, the number of homeless pugs is simply flabbergasting. We have had over 120 pugs in rescue for quite some time. We adopt them out as quick as we can, but we're barely keeping up with the flood of incoming pugs.

And so many are owner surrenders. Can't afford the vet care. Got a new baby, dog has to go (grrrr this one really just pisses me off!). Too busy. Such a sad, variety of excuses.

We are really fortunate to have a huge network of volunteers who are caring for all of these pugs. It just blows my mind though - if we have this many pugs, think about all of the other breeds, and all the mixed-breeds out there. And cats. And bunnies. And horses. and any other pet you can think of. Shelters and rescues are packed to the gills with pets.

If you're fortunate enough to be entertaining the idea of adding a new family member in the form of a pet, please, PLEASE look to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

And as Bob Barker says, "Help control the pet population - spay or neuter your pets!"


My other half is flying to NYC on Saturday, and staying for a little over a week. I had hoped to combine a business trip to the city and join him next weekend, but it didn't work out. So I'm disappointed about that. On the other hand..I'm starting to look forward to having some time to myself. I have a bunch of craft projects to finish! lol


Lunch is over, which means you are spared from any further randomness. Aren't you lucky??

Enjoy this new day!

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  1. Allie, I appreciate your outlook on the economy. So many people are grumbling about their jobs, but you know what? They have jobs! Hopefully soon the economy will be back on the upswing, and you can start buying me weekly presents. Okay? Good. Glad we've got that settled.