Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Busy Day at Work...

..for the pugs that is.

Jessie calls for her secretary. WOO! YO! Get in here


Bello stands guard again the evil garbage trucks
Please disreguard the ahem.."custom" window sill. Bello thinks he was an artist in a past life.

Angel's only job is to sleep (hey, at 91, you'd want to sleep all day too!) Here's a rare awake moment of my sweet old girl. Eye booger and all!

And then there's Audrey. Her only job is to jump in front of the camera any time it's out.
Aren't I pretty?

The DSLR camera that is. She disdained the point & shoot, obviously inferior to someone of her beauty queen status. But she jumps in front of the new camera.
Don't believe me?

What was a nice shot of Jessie & Bello...becomes...Dre.

And Jessie's turn...that blur in the foreground? Yeah..Dre.
ok, ok! I'll take your picture Dre.


ok, now give me a silly face

one more...

Ah pugs. I'm glad I don't work as hard as they do.

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  1. Your so funny! I love your pugs! But whew I'm glad I don't work as hard as they do!