Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kabob Post

I have this compulsion to show you that I don't eat pasta covered with cheese for every meal. 

Every other meal perhaps... 

Now and then we break out the grill and throw on steaks, or chicken, or pork chops. 

Today's choice was steak, with onion, green bell pepper, orange bell pepper and (for me) fungus. 

Mushrooms folks. I'm talking about the shrooms. 

It's really simple - make a few rough cuts on the veggies, slap on some olive oil, salt and pepper. Cube and season the meat - our choice was Montreal Steak Seasoning with olive oil. (I've found that the olive oil helps the steak carmelize). 
So here they are,getting happy on the grill.

Don't you like the orange bell pepper? Adds a nice pop of color!

And getting happier still...

Tick tock
tick tock
roll them around
try not to burn off a finger (or arm at this point!)

FINALLY! Ready for eating. 

MM mm good! 

so do you do kabobs? 
What's your favorite combos? 
Any tips or tricks to sharing?

It's a new day!

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