Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Favorite Foods

Thanks to Debra, Michele, Becky, Lisa, Amber, Amanda, Rebecca and Christy for all of the recipe suggestions! Meatballs appear to be the go-to meal of choice.

Oh, and a winner. We've got one! chose #8!

Congrats to Amber V!! Amber, your gift will be in the mail.

I can't wait to make the buffalo chicken dip - Mmmm tasty!

I also have to tell you that Amber is one of the most awesome photographers I know. If you haven't seen her work, please check out her blog: Lotus Blossom Photography

It's Saturday, and I don't have much planned. I have a little work to do around the house, and a craft table that is calling my name.

It's a new day!!